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Danish football clubs and stadium details

The Danish Superliga (Superligaen) is the top level football league in Denmark. The Danish First Division is the 2nd level

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Biggest football rivalries in Denmark

RivalryTeamsDistance (Miles)
Battle of Eastern JutlandRanders v Aarhus GF28
Battle of JutlandAalborg BK v Aarhus GF64
New FirmBrøndby IF v F.C. Copenhagen7

Danish stadium capacity bar chart

The bar chart below shows the Danish ground sizes. Hover over the bar to see the full name and capacity. If a ground doesn't appear it's because we haven't entered the value in our database yet.

List of football clubs in DENMARK
AaB AalborgNordjyske ArenaAalborg13997Find Hotels
De Hvide, De Hviie(The Whites)
Ceres Park and ArenaAarhus19433Find Hotels
AC HorsensCASA Arena HorsensHorsens10400Find Hotels
Brøndby IFBrøndby StadiumBrøndby28000Find Hotels
Esbjerg fBBlue Water ArenaEsbjerg16942Find Hotels
F.C. CopenhagenParken StadiumCopenhagen38065Find Hotels
FC MidtjyllandMCH ArenaHerning11800Find Hotels
FC NordsjællandFarum ParkFarum10300Find Hotels
Lyngby BKLyngby StadionKongens Lyngby10000Find Hotels
OB OdenseOdense StadiumOdense15790Find Hotels
Randers FCAutoC Park RandersRanders8920Find Hotels
Silkeborg IFMascot ParkRanders12288Find Hotels
SønderjyskESydbank ParkHaderslev10000Find Hotels


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****strCountry DENMARKstrv5 :{ "type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [ {"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [9.8991,57.0515] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Nordjyske Arena", "groundid": "2110", "teamid": "2237", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "AaB Aalborg"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [10.196389,56.131944] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Ceres Park and Arena", "groundid": "3122", "teamid": "3249", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "Aarhus"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [9.857161,55.871555] },"properties" : {"stadium": "CASA Arena Horsens", "groundid": "2111", "teamid": "2238", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "AC Horsens"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [12.418517,55.648839] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Brøndby Stadium", "groundid": "2112", "teamid": "2239", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "Brøndby IF"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [8.43941,55.481985] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Blue Water Arena", "groundid": "2113", "teamid": "2240", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "Esbjerg fB"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [12.572203,55.702469] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Parken Stadium", "groundid": "2114", "teamid": "2241", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "F.C. Copenhagen"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [8.951669,56.116868] },"properties" : {"stadium": "MCH Arena", "groundid": "2115", "teamid": "2242", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "FC Midtjylland"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [12.353289,55.815847] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Farum Park", "groundid": "2116", "teamid": "2243", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "FC Nordsjælland"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [12.505628,55.78134] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Lyngby Stadion", "groundid": "2117", "teamid": "2244", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "Lyngby BK"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [10.350055,55.397771] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Odense Stadium", "groundid": "2118", "teamid": "2245", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "OB Odense"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [10.010262,56.46594] },"properties" : {"stadium": "AutoC Park Randers", "groundid": "2119", "teamid": "2246", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "Randers FC"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [ 9.553278,56.157884] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Mascot Park", "groundid": "2120", "teamid": "2247", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "Silkeborg IF"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [9.487791,55.261359] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Sydbank Park", "groundid": "2121", "teamid": "2248", "leagueid": "DENMARK", "leaguename": "Denmark", "team": "SønderjyskE"}}]}