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Terms of use

The information provided is intended as a rough guide only - you should always check before travelling or using it for anything important.

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Use of this website is free, does not require registration*, and we do not collect any personal information

*But what about Facebook?...

MyFootyGrounds and Facebook

We have integrated our website with Facebook to allow you to post visits to stadiums to your Facebook timeline. This has the added benefit that Facebook will automatically create a map in your profile showing the grounds you've visited as well as tell your friends you've visited a stadium.

This feature requires you to sign in to the website using Facebook. The only permissions requested/granted are to post to your timeline, we do not get access to your details. All data is stored on Facebook and only embedded in our website using facebook plug ins

If you don't want to post your football ground visits to Facebook that's fine, you can use the rest of the site without registering

Facebook and Disqus comments

Facebook and Disqus comments are also embedded in our website using plugins and we don't have access to any personal details held on those systems

MyFootyGrounds and Cookies

Cookies are small harmless text files that are copied to your pc when visiting a website. The are generally used to manage interaction with a website, to store personal preferences etc. On MyFootyGrounds cookies may be used in the following circumstances:

We use Google Analytics to track visitors to our website. This helps us improve by letting us know which pages are popular, how people are finding us and how many visitors are returning visitors

Some third party advertisements on our website may load a cookie on to your pc if you click on them. This will allow us to recieve a small amount of commission (believe me it is small!) if you later make a purchase on - for example - Amazon or This doesn't cost you any extra and it allows us to continue to make this web site available for free and pay for the cost of web hosting etc.

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