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Scottish Lowland League football clubs and stadium details

Scottish Highland Football League is a semi-professional league made up of teams in central and southern Scotland. It is the fifth level of the Scottish football league system.

Scottish Lowland League stadium capacity bar chart

The bar chart below shows the Scottish Lowland League ground sizes. Hover over the bar to see the full name and capacity. If a ground doesn't appear it's because we haven't entered the value in our database yet.

Scottish Lowland League average away match journey distance bar chart

The bar chart below shows the average away match journey distance in miles for each Scottish Lowland League team. Hover over the bar to see the exact number. The distance is measured as the crow flies to each of the other Scottish Lowland League team's home grounds.

Scottish Lowland League Ground Capacities and Distances to Away Games

TeamStadiumCapacityDistance to away gamesAvg Journey
Berwick Rangers
The Borderers
Shielfield Park4500115063Find hotels
Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic
The Rose
New Dundas Park220057732Find hotels
Broomhill Sports Club GlasgowLochburn Park180078243Find hotels
BSC Glasgow Recreation Park310068538Find hotels
Caledonian BravesAlliance Park50066737Find hotels
Civil Service Strollers
Christie Gillies Park156957531Find hotels
Cumbernauld Colts
Broadwood Stadium880067237Find hotels
Dalbeattie Star
The Star
Islecroft Stadium3500118265Find hotels
East Kilbride
The Kilby, EK
K Park40071839Find hotels
East StirlingOchilview Park374663535Find hotels
Edinburgh UniversityEast Peffermill100057531Find hotels
Gala Fairydean Rovers
The Braw Lads
Netherdale550075241Find hotels
Gretna 2008Raydale Park2200114063Find hotels
Preston Athletic
The Panners
Pennypit Park400064335Find hotels
SpartansAinslie Park300057531Find hotels
Stirling UniversityForthbank Stadium380871839Find hotels
Threave Rovers
The Rovers
Meadow Park1671120466Find hotels
Vale of LeithenVictoria Park150065636Find hotels
Whitehill WelfareFerguson Park400056831Find hotels

Distances shown are the miles the fans of the Scottish Lowland League clubs would need to travel if they went to every away game, measured as the crow flies


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