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Biggest football rivalries in Poland

RivalryTeamsDistance (Miles)
Krakow derbyWisla Kraków v Cracovia0.5

Polish stadium capacity bar chart

The bar chart below shows the Polish ground sizes. Hover over the bar to see the full name and capacity. If a ground doesn't appear it's because we haven't entered the value in our database yet.

List of football clubs in POLAND
Arka Gdynia
Wladcy Pólnocy
Stadion GOSiRGdynia15139Find Hotels
Bruk-Bet Termalica NiecieczaStadion Termaliki Bruk-BetNieciecza Zabno4595Find Hotels
Pasy (stripes)
Marshal Józef Pilsudski StadiumKraków15016Find Hotels
Górnik LecznaArena LublinLublin15500Find Hotels
Jagiellonia Bialystok
Bialystok City StadiumBialystok22372Find Hotels
Korona Kielce
Scyzory (Buck-Knives)
Kielce City StadiumKielce15500Find Hotels
Lech Poznan
Kolejorz (The Railwayman)
Stadion Miejski (Poznan)Kielce43269Find Hotels
Lechia Gdansk
Gdanskie Lwy (Gedanian Lions)
Stadion Energa GdanskGdansk43615Find Hotels
Legia Warsaw
Wojskowi (Militarians)
Polish Army StadiumWarsaw31800Find Hotels
Piast Gliwice
Piastunki (the Nurses)
Stadion PiastGliwice10037Find Hotels
Pogon SzczecinStadion Florian KrygierSzczecin18027Find Hotels
Ruch Chorzów
Niebiescy (The Blues)
Stadion MiejskiChorzów9300Find Hotels
Slask WroclawStadion MiejskiWroclaw42711Find Hotels
Wisla Kraków
Biala Gwiazda (The White Star)
Stadion Henryka ReymanaKraków33268Find Hotels
Wisla Plock
Nafciarze (The Oilers)
Kazimierz Górski StadiumPlock33268Find Hotels
Zaglebie LubinStadion ZaglebiaLubin16068Find Hotels


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****strCountry POLANDstrv5 :{ "type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [ {"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [18.531214,54.493136] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion GOSiR", "groundid": "1060", "teamid": "1204", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Arka Gdynia"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [20.849158,50.158361] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Termaliki Bruk-Bet", "groundid": "1061", "teamid": "1205", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [19.919722,50.058056] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Marshal Józef Pilsudski Stadium", "groundid": "1062", "teamid": "1206", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Cracovia"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [22.5575,51.2319] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Arena Lublin", "groundid": "1063", "teamid": "1207", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Górnik Leczna"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [23.149306,53.105972] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Bialystok City Stadium", "groundid": "1064", "teamid": "1208", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Jagiellonia Bialystok"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [20.624722,50.861389] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Kielce City Stadium", "groundid": "1065", "teamid": "1209", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Korona Kielce"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [16.857778,52.3975] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Miejski (Poznan)", "groundid": "1066", "teamid": "1210", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Lech Poznan"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [18.640278,54.39] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Energa Gdansk", "groundid": "1067", "teamid": "1211", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Lechia Gdansk"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [21.040628,52.220461] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Polish Army Stadium", "groundid": "1068", "teamid": "1212", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Legia Warsaw"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [18.695866,50.306583] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Piast", "groundid": "1069", "teamid": "1213", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Piast Gliwice"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [14.518658,53.436576] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Florian Krygier", "groundid": "1070", "teamid": "1214", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Pogon Szczecin"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [18.944178,50.282203] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Miejski", "groundid": "1071", "teamid": "1215", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Ruch Chorzów"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [16.943778,51.141167] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Miejski", "groundid": "1072", "teamid": "1216", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Slask Wroclaw"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [19.911944,50.063611] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Henryka Reymana", "groundid": "1073", "teamid": "1217", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Wisla Kraków"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [19.684067,52.562004] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Kazimierz Górski Stadium", "groundid": "1074", "teamid": "1218", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Wisla Plock"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [16.198261,51.41395] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Stadion Zaglebia", "groundid": "1075", "teamid": "1219", "leagueid": "POLAND", "leaguename": "Poland", "team": "Zaglebie Lubin"}}]}