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Russian Premier League football clubs and stadium details

The Russian Premier League is the top level professional football league in Russia. There is a promotion and relegation between the Football National League

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Biggest football rivalries in Russia

RivalryTeamsDistance (Miles)
Moscow DerbySpartak Moscow v CSKA Moscow3.5

Russian Premier League stadium capacity bar chart

The bar chart below shows the Russian Premier League ground sizes. Hover over the bar to see the full name and capacity. If a ground doesn't appear it's because we haven't entered the value in our database yet.

List of football clubs in RUSSIA
Amkar Perm
Krasno-chernye (The Red and Blacks)
Zvezda StadiumPerm17000Find Hotels
Anzhi Makhachkala
Orly (Eagles)
Anzhi ArenaKaspiysk, Dagestan30000Find Hotels
Arsenal Tula
Pushkari (artillerymen)
Arsenal StadiumTula20048Find Hotels
CSKA Moscow
Koni (Horses)
Arena CSKAMoscow30000Find Hotels
Byki (The Bulls)
Krasnodar StadiumKrasnodar33000Find Hotels
Krylia Sovetov SamaraMetallurg StadiumSamara33001Find Hotels
Lokomotiv Moscow
Zheleznodorozhniki (Railroaders)
Lokomotiv StadiumMoscow28800Find Hotels
OrenburgGazovik StadiumOrenburg7500Find Hotels
Selmashi, Muzhiki
Olimp-2Rostov-on-Don15840Find Hotels
Rubin Kazan
Tatáry (Tatars)
Kazan ArenaKazan45379Find Hotels
Spartak Moscow
Narodnaya komanda (The People's Team)
Otkrytiye ArenaMoscow44929Find Hotels
Terek GroznyAkhmat-ArenaGrozny30597Find Hotels
Tom TomskTrud StadiumTomsk1000Find Hotels
UfaNeftyanik StadiumUfa15200Find Hotels
Ural Sverdlovsk OblastSKB-Bank ArenaYekaterinburg10000Find Hotels
Zenit Saint Petersburg
Zenitchiki (The Anti-aircraft Gunners)
Petrovsky StadiumSaint Petersburg21405Find Hotels


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Russian Premier League Football teams

****strCountry RUSSIAstrv5 :{ "type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [ {"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [56.244636,57.990694] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Zvezda Stadium", "groundid": "977", "teamid": "1128", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Amkar Perm"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [47.618587,42.907901] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Anzhi Arena", "groundid": "978", "teamid": "1129", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Anzhi Makhachkala"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [ 37.602722,54.174583] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Arsenal Stadium", "groundid": "979", "teamid": "1130", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Arsenal Tula"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [37.516111,55.791389] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Arena CSKA", "groundid": "980", "teamid": "1131", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "CSKA Moscow"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [39.029444,45.044167] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Krasnodar Stadium", "groundid": "981", "teamid": "1132", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Krasnodar"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [50.271667,53.238333] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Metallurg Stadium", "groundid": "982", "teamid": "1133", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Krylia Sovetov Samara"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [37.741111,55.803611] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Lokomotiv Stadium", "groundid": "983", "teamid": "1134", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Lokomotiv Moscow"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [55.22116,51.78505] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Gazovik Stadium", "groundid": "984", "teamid": "1135", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Orenburg"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [39.761053,47.243011] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Olimp-2", "groundid": "985", "teamid": "1136", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Rostov"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [49.161111,55.820639] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Kazan Arena", "groundid": "986", "teamid": "1137", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Rubin Kazan"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [37.44025,55.817861] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Otkrytiye Arena", "groundid": "987", "teamid": "1138", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Spartak Moscow"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [45.745252,43.323176] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Akhmat-Arena", "groundid": "988", "teamid": "1139", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Terek Grozny"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [84.956667,56.474167] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Trud Stadium", "groundid": "989", "teamid": "1140", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Tom Tomsk"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [56.061667,54.826111] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Neftyanik Stadium", "groundid": "990", "teamid": "1141", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Ufa"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [60.578056,56.894444] },"properties" : {"stadium": "SKB-Bank Arena", "groundid": "991", "teamid": "1142", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [30.286389,59.951944] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Petrovsky Stadium", "groundid": "992", "teamid": "1143", "leagueid": "RUSSIA", "leaguename": "Russia", "team": "Zenit Saint Petersburg"}}]}