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Turkish football clubs and stadium details

The Süper Lig is the top level Turkish football league. The 2nd level is 1. Lig.

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Biggest football rivalries in Turkey

RivalryTeamsDistance (Miles)
Kitalararasi Derbi (Intercontinental Derby)Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray 8.3

Turkish stadium capacity bar chart

The bar chart below shows the Turkish ground sizes. Hover over the bar to see the full name and capacity. If a ground doesn't appear it's because we haven't entered the value in our database yet.

List of football clubs in TURKEY
Antalya S.K.Antalya Atatürk StadiumAntalyaFind Hotels
BesiktasBJK Inonu StadiumIstanbul41903Find Hotels
BucasporBuca ArenaIzmirFind Hotels
BursasporBursa Atatürk StadiumBursaFind Hotels
ElazigsporElazig Atatürk StadiumElâzig14467Find Hotels
FenerbahceSucru Saracoglu StadiumIstanbul50509Find Hotels
GalatasarayTürk Telekom ArenaIstanbul52625Find Hotels
GenclerbirligiAnkara 19 May?s StadiumAnkaraFind Hotels
Istanbul B.B.Atatürk Olympic StadiumIstanbulFind Hotels
Kardemir Karabükspor Dr. Necmettin ?eyho?lu StadiumKarabukFind Hotels
KasimpasaRecep Tayyip Erdogan StadiumKasimpasa, Istanbul14234Find Hotels
KayserisporKadir Has StadiumKayseri32864Find Hotels
KonyasporKonya Atatürk StadiumKonya42276Find Hotels
M.K.E. AnkaragücüAnkara 19 May?s StadiumAnkaraFind Hotels
ManisasporManisa 19 May?s StadiumManisaFind Hotels
SivassporSivas 4 Eylül StadiumSivasFind Hotels
TrabzonsporHüseyin Avni Aker StadiumTrazbon41513Find Hotels


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****strCountry TURKEYstrv5 :{ "type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [ {"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [30.707892,36.878367] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Antalya Atatürk Stadium", "groundid": "680", "teamid": "850", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Antalya S.K."}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [28.994742,41.039206] },"properties" : {"stadium": "BJK Inonu Stadium", "groundid": "681", "teamid": "851", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Besiktas"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [27.195379,38.397585] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Buca Arena", "groundid": "682", "teamid": "852", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Bucaspor"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [29.048756,40.192647] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Bursa Atatürk Stadium", "groundid": "683", "teamid": "853", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Bursaspor"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [30.513833,39.77075] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Elazig Atatürk Stadium", "groundid": "684", "teamid": "854", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Elazigspor"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [29.036667,40.987778 ] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Sucru Saracoglu Stadium", "groundid": "685", "teamid": "855", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Fenerbahce"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [28.990419,41.102869] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Türk Telekom Arena", "groundid": "643", "teamid": "813", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Galatasaray"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [32.845681,39.940094] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Ankara 19 May?s Stadium", "groundid": "687", "teamid": "857", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Genclerbirligi"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [28.765703,41.074472] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Atatürk Olympic Stadium", "groundid": "688", "teamid": "858", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Istanbul B.B."}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [32.62,41.204444] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Dr. Necmettin ?eyho?lu Stadium", "groundid": "689", "teamid": "859", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Kardemir Karabükspor "}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [28.972322,41.032806 ] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Recep Tayyip Erdogan Stadium", "groundid": "690", "teamid": "860", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Kasimpasa"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [35.483,38.733 ] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Kadir Has Stadium", "groundid": "691", "teamid": "861", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Kayserispor"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [32.483278,37.865389] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Konya Atatürk Stadium", "groundid": "692", "teamid": "862", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Konyaspor"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [32.845681,39.940094] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Ankara 19 May?s Stadium", "groundid": "694", "teamid": "864", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "M.K.E. Ankaragücü"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [27.439933,38.623006] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Manisa 19 May?s Stadium", "groundid": "693", "teamid": "863", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Manisaspor"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [37.003306,39.741028] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Sivas 4 Eylül Stadium", "groundid": "695", "teamid": "865", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Sivasspor"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [39.705,41.003889] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium", "groundid": "696", "teamid": "866", "leagueid": "TURKEY", "leaguename": "Turkey", "team": "Trabzonspor"}}]}